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Si tiene un bosque y desea poder ofrecer un sendero para que la gente pueda disfrutar del bosque y la naturaleza y sus distintos elementos, no dude en contactarnos.


The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy has a forest therapy trail certification program. If you have a forest with a trail and are interested in exploring this possibility, please contact us. The program is divided into 2 phases. Once the proposal is accepted, we proceed to visit the place and discuss the options, as well as possible improvements to the trail. A reasonable amount of time is then given and revisited to confirm that the suggested improvements have been met. Once approved, your path will appear on the Association page and will be published on Facebook posts.

Forest therapy is quickly gaining a lot of interest and this is one way to differentiate your trail. Please contact us to request a quote

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Nature reduces rumination

Rumination (repetitive thoughts focused on negative aspects of the self) is a risk factor for mental health. Participants went on a 90 minute walk through nature and reported lower levels of rumination and the brain scans showed less activity in the area of the brain linked to sadness, withdrawal and grumpiness, compared with the group that walked in an urban area. The study also showed that walking in nature reduces feelings of anxiety and increases positive thoughts.

Trail certification

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