Private Groups

Gather a group of friends, or discuss it with your coworkers. We offer the same activities with private groups. Let us suggest an ideal location for you and your collaborators or friends.


Maybe you want to organize a group for a special occasion and would like to have a private event? If you are looking for a different activity for a group, be it family or friends, the forest baths offer a very nice alternative of connection and relaxation in nature.

No special physical skills are required. All you need to bring is comfortable clothes, closed shoes, water. Please contact us to request a quote

Sentir Natural

Spending time in nature can improve creativity and problem solving

A group of hikers spent four days immersed in nature and without access to technology. They were tested during the trip and the results showed a 50% increase in performance on a creativity, problem solving task. Researchers concluded that this result was due to an increased exposure to natural stimuli that are emotionally positive and low arousing and a decrease in engaging with attention demanding technology that makes us multitask.



Forest Therapy

Forest Bathings

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